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  • Back in the podcast saddle

    Back in the podcast saddle

    I guess I’m podcasting again. This time I’m a little more independent because I want to see how Sovereign Feeds work and I feel more comfortable with an XML file for my feed rather than one that is autogenerated at a directory. It’s definitely not as easy as PowerPress but it’s more complete and flexible […]

  • To headphone or not to headphone

    To headphone or not to headphone

    I record an episode without headphones to see if I sound different.

  • Podcasting on the go – aka my epic fail

    Podcasting on the go – aka my epic fail

    I tried to podcast while traveling and failed miserably.

  • Still muddling through

    Still muddling through

    Episode 10! I discuss what I’ve done over the past month. Go over the Chasing the Yield & That’s All I Got podcasts. Discuss workflow, wordpress, and thought process.

  • Transcripts & Chapters

    Transcripts & Chapters

    An overview of how I implement transcripts and chapters.

  • Success to Launch

    Success to Launch

    I finally go into my podcasting equipment, how I host the files, and why I do it the way I do. I also discuss the other podcasts I launched.

  • I have chapters!

    I have chapters!

    I implemented chapters for the podcast and briefly talk about the process.

  • Talking is hard

    Talking is hard

    I’m not used to podcasting and as such I find it difficult to organize my thoughts when recording.

  • Ep. 5 RSS Limbo

    Ep. 5 RSS Limbo

    I covered a lot of this ground on the last episode but it wasn’t fully resolved so I’m going over it a little again. The RSS feed fiasco I had moving from Castopod to Blubrry PowerPress through me for a loop. I didn’t think it would be that hard to fix. But, it’s fixed now so hopefully the indexes will also be fixed in the coming days.

  • RSS Hell

    RSS Hell

    I wanted to move off Castopod and ended up in RSS hell. The where the domain was pointing and subsequently where the feed points got all screwed up!