How I produce my music podcast, Sats and Sounds

My music experiment finally worked and I’ve been producing a music podcast since August. I called the podcast Sats and Sounds and it is just one of many music podcasts that have popped up since Adam Curry started Boostagram Ball and Podcasting 2.0 created the valueTimeSplit tag which enabled “Magic Wallet Switching Technology”. I saw a couple videos on how other people produce their shows so I thought I’d take a crack at showing my process.

I use simple cheap tools that do the job to my satisfaction. Admittedly I have a low bar when it comes to quality of production because I mainly podcast to understand how it works. I try to use tools and software that are cheap, free, or I already posses. I also record live to bits because if I had to fully produce and edit I’d never make a single episode of anything. It’s bad enough the other podcasts I do become intermittent because of the time it takes to create something.

The video below shows all the tools I use and the production of Episode 14 of Sats and Sounds. You can also listen to the audio only version using your favorite podcast app. Just search for Podcast Idiot or click the RSS feed link above.

Here are links to the tools I use.

To listen to my music podcast, Sats and Sounds, go to Here’s a direct link to the episode from this post.






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