The Underclass – Longy – Music Experiment

On the Podcasting 2.0 podcast they’ve been playing music regularly to promote the idea of Value4Value streaming payments to music artists. I see this as a first step to really opening up all entertainment to Value4Value. Anyone with a Lightning Network Node ID and an RSS feed can have their entertainment streamed, viewed, or listened to and get paid directly from the consumer as it happens. I find this stuff fascinating.

All this happens because of the valueTimeSplit and remoteItem tags. If the music has an RSS feed using these tags allows a podcaster to put in the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) of the music’s feed and the GUID of the item (the individual track) so the value block automatically changes and the artist gets paid. When the song is done the value block switches back to the podcaster’s value block.

I wanted to see how easy it is to do this myself. I found a track on Wavlake that I like. It’s called The Underclass by Longy. Adam and Dave on Podcasting 2.0 put their songs in a live stream when they podcast. I can’t do that and I think most podcasters would put music in after the fact or while they record. So that’s what I did. Here is a short podcast experiment.

Please listen using Podfriend or Curiocaster. They’re the only apps I know of that support valueTimeSplit tag.






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