Live streaming music show test 3

This is a test of putting on a live streaming music show with wallet switching from The Split Kit.

Here are some links to apps where you can see this happen in real-time.

The Split Kit
Podcast Guru 

To listen to my music podcast, Sats and Sounds, go to Here’s a direct link to the episode from this post.

This post is experiment number 3 in live streaming a music podcast using Value4Value and valueTimeSplits.

I’d like to know how to do a live streaming music show. My music podcast Sats and Sounds would be more fun to do and more interesting if I could figure out how to stream it live while incorporating the valueTimeSplits.

For those who don’t know valueTimeSplit (VTS) is the magic tag in Podcasting 2.0 that makes the Magic Wallet Switching Technology in new podcast apps possible. When VTS is employed and a Value4Value enabled song is played the satoshis being sent to the podcast automatically switch to the music artist during the duration of the song. This is enabled by modern podcast apps.

I do this already in my Sats and Sounds music podcast. Get a modern podcast app, load up your wallet, and check it out. But, doing it live is more complex and I have a hard time visualizing how it works. I was able to figure out streaming using Icecast. Now I need to figure out how to combine the two.






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