Here are the podcast apps I use on a regular basis. You can go to to find modern podcast apps with features you won’t find in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

Web Apps

Web apps are generally platform agnostic. This means you can use the web app on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone while using any operating system. They generally work in any web browser. The three web apps below all support Value4Value, chapters, and transcripts.


I use Podverse to make clips from podcasts


Podverse has a pleasant UI and supports Value4Value


CurioCaster is unique because it more quickly embraces some of the more experimental aspects of Podcasting 2.0

Android Apps

I use Android phones. The two apps I use most often are Podcast Addict and Fountain. I use Podcast Addict for most podcasts because it has a feature where I can add podcast episodes to a playlist and just let it run. Fountain doesn’t have that feature but the app is Value4Value enabled. I listen to shows like No Agenda and Podcasting 2.0 so I can support them through streaming Bitcoin micropayments and Boostagrams.

Podcast Addict

Super simple podcast app that supports transcripts and chapters


Fountain supports transcripts, chapters, and Value4Value

iOS Apps

I don’t use an iOS device for listening to podcasts. I have an iPad Mini that I use only for reading the newspaper in the morning. Fountain is available for iOS.