Still muddling through

Episode 10

I said it was episode 8 but it’s actually episode 10. Ooooops! I guess I haven’t refined my workflow enough yet.


My two active podcasts are in their 9th episodes. Miracle that I have the attention span to keep that going for more than two months.

I’m terrible at promotion and asking for donations.

I’m starting to feel my way through a process that allows me to do show prep as I blog.

Came up with a file naming convention that is easy for me to remember and keeps episodes and assets organized.

Transcripts are easy and I do them regularly

Chapters take up some time and I haven’t been diligent about doing them.

I hate editing so I just DO IT LIVE and upload with all the poor production quality that goes along with that.

I figured out how to enable my podcasts to receive crypto currency by setting them up on Sphinx and enabling that on I can’t figure out how to move satoshis out of Sphinx and into Breez or some other lightning wallet so I can use these sats. The system of streaming money is still way too complicated for the average podcaster. The learning curve is way too steep still.

I find that I still whisper when I talk. I think it’s a by product of wearing headphones while I talk. It doesn’t come natural to me. I feel like I’m speaking normally but when I hear portions of it played back I still sound like I’ whispering. I don’t like that and I’m looking to fix it.

I may invest in a shock mount so the microphone doesn’t pick up so much of the noise from touching it.

I still haven’t found a good way to mount a microphone boom because the edge of my desk is tapered and I don’t want to drill a hole through the top. I can’t be the only one to run across this problem.






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