• Getting the first episode in the can

    Getting the first episode in the can

    I just ramble a bit here to get something recorded to start learning the equipment. It’s barely audible because I didn’t have the levels set correctly in Audacity.

  • I know even less than I thought

    I just posted the first episode. The purpose was to get something posted… finally. After hours of messing around with Castopod I was able to get it installed and my episode online. The audio levels are so damned low that I can’t even here it! When listening to it in my headphones it sounded fine […]

  • Just when I think I have it

    I installed Castopod on this server. It wasn’t too hard. I screwed it up a couple times because I created a subdomain to point just to the podcast episodes. What I wanted to do is create a separate site from the blog but still be a part of this domain. It’s easy enough in concept […]

  • Test upload

    Test upload

    Starting over and testing out PowerPress

  • Bogged down deep in the weeds

    I’m trying to learn about using Podlove. It’s a WordPress plugin to make publishing a podcast easier. It probably does if I don’t want to customize anything. But I do and I find that trudging through its various settings to be more work than it’s worth. I don’t understand why there isn’t a simpler tool […]

  • How to get started

    The biggest hurdle to getting started is… getting started. You want to do this and have tons of ideas but continue to get bogged down with one thing or another before actually recording something and posting it. For example, I created this web site. Then I went down the rabbit hole. Here are some of […]