Getting back behind the microphone

I haven’t recorded anything since the beginning of February. I intended to publish something once a week at least but life got in the way a bit. I’m sure I’m not the first one to fiddle around with podcasting only to abandon it after a few episodes.

Well, I’m not abandoning things. I just had to postpone because of some personal issues that prevent me from concentrating on what I need to do. In about 2 weeks that will be over and I will be getting back behind the microphone.

In the interim I haven’t been sitting totally still. I’ve been playing around with the value tag and cryptocurrency. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing but now you can listen to my podcast on the Sphinx network or using the Breez app and send me some sats! I don’t know how to access those sats just yet. I only know how to send them using the apps.

Just today I moved my RSS feed once again. I tried to be too cute in the beginning by having a subdomain for the podcasts. I thought that would help in keeping the podcast feed separated from the blog feed. But, with Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin keeping separate feeds is super easy.

Next I need to learn chapters and custom images for chapters. Still tons to learn and lots of bad shows for me to make.

Image by Jenni Corbett from Pixabay





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