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  • Modern podcast apps

    Modern podcast apps

    I created a page on this site to highlight new podcast apps that I use the most. https://podcastidiot.com/apps You can always go to http://newpodcastapps.com to check out the most recent list of apps that utilize many of the new features of Podcasting 2.0. There are a bunch of modern podcast apps that have features you…

  • Podcast listing solved and I curse syntax

    Podcast listing solved and I curse syntax

    I wasn’t able to get a response with regards to my messing up the listing of The Casual Hike at podcastindex.org. I ended up changing the file name to my RSS feed and adding the podcast back to the index. That solved my problem and I even kept the same GUID! I didn’t think that…

  • Still muddling through

    Still muddling through

    Episode 10! I discuss what I’ve done over the past month. Go over the Chasing the Yield & That’s All I Got podcasts. Discuss workflow, wordpress, and thought process.

  • Transcripts & Chapters

    Transcripts & Chapters

    An overview of how I implement transcripts and chapters.

  • I have chapters!

    I have chapters!

    I implemented chapters for the podcast and briefly talk about the process.