My last music experiment failed

I thought I set everything up properly but for some reason it didn’t work when using podcast apps compatible with remoteItem and valueTimeSplit. What I’ve done to make up for any problems is I put the song I used in my value block. So if anyone plays that episode most of the sats will go to that artist.

I think the mistake I made was having the wrong GUID in one of the fields. When I changed my feed and updated the it I don’t think the apps update right away or at all. So they were always looking at an old feed with the wrong information. I don’t know how to flush that info out of the apps so they’re looking at the correct feed.

I use Sovereign Feeds to create my RSS feed and it has a feature to use Podping to send a signal to Podcast Index that my feed has been updated. I also refresh my feed on Podcast Index manually just in case. I do this by going to (the Xs represent the podcast number in the index). In my case for this podcast my number is 2176642. Who knows what happened.

I looked at Podcasting 2.0’s RSS feed to compare what I’ve done with what they do when they play music. I’m not doing anything different. It should work. I’m going to try again making sure all the information in the remoteItem and valueTimeSplit tags are correct before I publish. This seems like it should be so easy to do. Wish me luck!





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