Start9 resetting password debacle

I installed the Start9 server with little issue. You can read about that here. But what I’ve run into now, short of learning how to move Bitcoin to my node and using the lightning network as well, is my password is weak and I need to reset it.

I chose a weak password while experimenting so it’s easier to type it in quickly if the system needs to go through a series of reboots. What I didn’t know is there is no good mechanism to reset the password to the server. There is a process but my installation doesn’t follow the process at the end. I’m supposed to be presented with the following screen after going through a re-install process.

This menu never shows. Instead I’m taken to a login dialog box. Even worse there doesn’t seem to be a password needed on the web interface. I login to the server by going to the IP address on my LAN and it’s just there. No login necessary.

I sent an e-mail to Start9 and asked a question on their community message board. If they answer I’ll post about it here. If not I guess I have to start over from scratch. Not the end of the world since I don’t have anything important on this server yet, but it would have been good to know it was difficult to reset a password. It’s 2023! Resetting a password, when you know the current password, shouldn’t be an issue. I could understand if I forgot or lost the password. But not this.





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