Problems with content creation

I’m not a natural content creator. If you’ve followed this blog or the intermittent podcasting I do you’re saying to yourself… no f’ing duh.

I believe my problem stems from not having a specialty. I have many hobbies but I don’t have anything in particular that I’m uniquely passionate about. I’ve never had a “passion”. I run five different blogs. Each one focuses on something specific with the exception of my main blog, In any particular week I may not find something I feel worth blogging let alone turn into a podcast. If I don’t care enough to blog it I certainly don’t care enough to podcast it.

The easiest place for me to post is my main blog, It’s a mish mash of news and random opinions that run through my head. I don’t care much if people want to follow it. I find people who find my site stumble upon it through search. Somehow one or two things I blog break through the Google bombing of a subject. This happened with Ivermectin and the rise of high gas prices. Both subjects have nothing to do with one another. They don’t fit on any specialists blog or web site. Both subjects are news oriented but don’t necessarily fit in the same political sphere.

I blog about my low carb lifestyle. I’ve been living this way a long time and posted most of my early discoveries so there really isn’t much new to say on the topic. From time to time I find a news story or new study that crosses my path I find interesting. I’ll blog it then. But, weeks might go by without any new content for that site.

The same goes for my financial blog and podcast. I put out 52 episodes of a podcast called Chasing the Yield. It wasn’t very good. Downloads were in the tens. Not tens of thousands or even hundreds but tens. Which is fine. I wasn’t doing it to gain listeners. I was doing the podcast because I was relatively new to dividend investing and I use the blog and podcast as a way of understanding better what I was doing. After I got into a groove where I didn’t have to micro focus on my investments I had less and less to say on the podcast. Sometimes a week or more would go by where I had to force myself to find news stories to blog which meant the podcast was super short because I had nothing new to report.

The content I consume revolves around all these different areas. I consume podcasts, YouTube video, books, and web sites. Each person I follow seems to have a particular passion for the subject and/or have an outsized personality to make the subject interesting. I don’t have the personality to make banal content compelling or interesting. Or such deep knowledge about any single subject where I can call myself an expert.

I don’t know how people do it week in and week out.

This post falls under the not interesting enough to post. I just needed to get the thoughts out of my head.

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