Intro music and RSS generator

I picked some intro music for the hiking podcast and I’m still considering options for generating the podcast RSS feed.

Here is the music for the hiking podcast. It’s a mellow and a little bluesy. I think it’s the perfect vibe.

There are a few ways to generate the RSS feed. You can code it on your own. Which is very tedious but the most flexible. You can get a plugin to WordPress. This is the easiest way if you’re using WordPress but the plugins are limited if you want to use Podcasting 2.0 tags. There is a site called that helps you build your feed and includes some Podcasting 2.0 tags.

I’m going to attempt to use I have the basic feed for the first episode here. This is not yet complete and I haven’t added it to the Podcast Index yet. Right now it’s a private feed and a placeholder for when I build the complete feed.






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