Domain name chosen and logo created

I took a poll on No Agenda Social to help decide on a domain name for the hiking podcast. The overwhelming choice was The Casual Hike. So… that’s what I went with.

Hover is my domain registrar and Dreamhost is the hosting company I use for web sites and e-mail I manage. I changed the nameservers in Hover so the domain points to Dreamhost. Then I added the domain to my account in Dreamhost, ordered the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate, and installed the latest version of WordPress.

For the logo I wasn’t coming up with anything on my own so I went with an online logo creator site. After trying a few I went with BrandCrowd. It was very easy to use and the site came up with a simple modern looking logo. I paid $15.00 for the “Premium Logo”. I didn’t purchase any of the extras because I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this logo long term. The Standard License they issue is good enough for my purposes. It’s not exclusive and they can resell the design I chose but I’m free to use it anywhere I want including, but not limited to, the podcast, merchandise, and the web site. I just needed something to get started and I liked what their site came up with.

The site is now live with a place holder post. Next I’m going to work on how I want to create the RSS feed for the podcast.





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