I’m going to start another new podcast

I’ve been so unsuccessful at my other two podcasts, this one excluded, that I feel I need to start another one. This one will be based around hiking.

Since I moved to Georgia I go hiking with my dog Godfrey once or twice a month. I have a Zoom F2 Field Recorder with a lav microphone so I figured I’d put these two things together. There are a lot of trails around the North Georgia Mountains and I don’t mind talking to myself on the trail.

I’m going to document the steps I’m going through here to create that podcast and maybe continue the podcast I was doing here and make it around the process of creating the new one.

I have audio recorded that will be the first episode. I went hiking on June 2, 2022. Now I need to create a title for the podcast, figure out how I’m going to host it, figure out how I’m going to create the RSS feed, and get my crap in gear.

Here’s my rough outline for the process.

  1. Create podcast name
    • Register domain name
  2. Create web site
    • Find WordPress theme that fits my podcast
  3. Create Podcast Art
  4. Find Intro music
  5. Edit first episode
  6. Upload MP3 file to site
  7. Create RSS Feed
    • Use Podcasting 2.0 compatible tags
    • Use value block
    • Add podcast to Podcastindex.org





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