Just when I think I have it

I installed Castopod on this server. It wasn’t too hard. I screwed it up a couple times because I created a subdomain to point just to the podcast episodes. What I wanted to do is create a separate site from the blog but still be a part of this domain. It’s easy enough in concept but I keep breaking things.

I configured everything correctly and got it all working so I recorded a short 5 minute “episode 1” podcast of Podcast Idiot. The audio is embedded here.

It’s horrible but just a test of my audio set up and just fulfilling the need to record anything and get it online. I was flying high! I had it all working. And then I enabled https for the domain podcast.podcastidiot.com and it all broke. Why! WHy! WHY!!!

I don’t know why these things break. As far as I’m aware it shouldn’t have done anything. I even tried to remove the certificate and remove forcing https from the main domain and it still remains broken. I think I’ll take a break from it today. Otherwise I’m going to smash something!






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