Day: June 21, 2022

  • Back in the podcast saddle

    Back in the podcast saddle

    I guess I’m podcasting again. This time I’m a little more independent because I want to see how Sovereign Feeds work and I feel more comfortable with an XML file for my feed rather than one that is autogenerated at a directory. It’s definitely not as easy as PowerPress but it’s more complete and flexible […]

  • Submitted The Casual Hike to

    Submitted The Casual Hike to

    I just submitted my hiking podcast to the Podcast Index at Adding a podcast to the index is simple and straight forward. Click on the “Add” link near the top right, enter the URL of the feed, click on the captcha, then click on “Add”. And that’s it! It takes 15 to 20 minutes […]

  • Changing my RSS generator

    Changing my RSS generator

    I’m going to change what I use to generate the podcast feed for Podcast Idiot to This will allow me to experiment with that before implementing it for the hiking podcast I’m starting. Right now if you check for the feed for Podcast Idiot it points to I will create a file […]